OSV Bodies


High quality service vehicles designed for cutaway van chassis


The Omaha Standard PALFINGER Service Vehicle (OSV) offers all of the amenities expected in a service vehicle.   The OSV gives you large outside storage compartments and a roomy interior work space with shelves for additional cargo. The optional rear conduit chute provides for interior storage of pipe, conduit, and other materials up to 10 feet in length.

The OSV is the versatile workshop on wheels, used by plumbers, HVAC’s, remodelers, construction, utilities and more. Multiple options let you custom tailor an OSV to your specific needs.

The complete OSV range includes:

  • OSV 132 Series - 132" body length
  • OSV 144 Series - 144" body length
  • OSV 152 Series - 152" body length
  • OSV 168 Series - 168" body length


  • Full-length rust resistant stainless steel door hinges. Internal bolt on attachment gives optimum security and ease of replacement vs. competitor’s riveted/welded on door hinges. Heavier 1⁄4” diameter stainless steel hinge pin vs. competitor’s 1⁄8” diameter pin 100% larger.
  • Bonding compartment door panels together with structural automotive epoxy adhesive results in the strongest, most rigid doors of any service body on the market. No welds mean less chance of rusting.
  • Adjustable bolted on large diameter striker pins combined with automotive rotary door latches provide positive door closure.
  • Exclusive vertical “legs” of intermediate cross members rest on truck frame to provide maximum body support in critical wheel well area.
  • Strongest understructure of any service body 7ga. full-width formed channel cross members vs. competitor’s 11ga. cross members 50% thicker material. Front cross member reinforced with 7ga. plates at body mounting points. Cross members are bolted to side compartments to give maximum support. Entire body underside has automotive type undercoating.
  • Standard stainless steel paddle latches .
  • Blind bolt stud mounting vs. competitors’ riveted on metal latches results in greater security and ease of replacement. Optional stylized automotive rotary paddle latches match truck door handles and are available for a slight upcharge.
  • Full perimeter weatherproof automotive bulb type neoprene door seals. Double spring door retainers on full-sized vertical doors to hold doors in positive open or closed position.
  • Entire body exterior made from 14-ga A-60 two sided galvannealed zinc coated steel.
  • Interior light guards provide light protection and routing for wire harness. Light guards are bracket mounted and easily removable for light maintenance. Competitors’ light guards are welded to body making it difficult to install/service the lights.
  • Omaha Standard PALFINGER service bodies receive complete electrocoat prime paint coverage. Because they are e-coated before the doors are installed (unlike the competitors’ bodies) Omaha service bodies get total paint coverage, including behind the door hinges. This means superior rust protection in a critical areas.


  • Stainless steel “T” handle latches 1 PT or 3PT
  • Raised compartments
  • Side access doors
  • Rear access doors
  • Master lock options
  • Roll up rear doors
  • Skylights
  • Trays and shelving
  • Cargo Tie downs

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