Your car is a long-term investment. And how good does a clean car feel? Give it the care it needs with Advanced Fleet Services’ exterior and interior detailing services.

4-Hour Service: $175


In North Dakota, you know your car gets really dirty really quickly. Snow, dust, dirt, mud, rain, sleet. It all happens—sometimes in the same day!

Our detail services give your car a deep hand wash on the outside, cleaning all windows, and applying a double-step wax finish to keep your car protected for months.


You spend a lot of time in your car. For some people, it’s like a second home. Keep it clean to keep yourself sane.

Our interior services remove dirt and grime from crevices and cracks. We’ll even clean and wipe down and treat all plastics, compartments, floors, seats and consoles, leaving it spotless.

Selling your car?

Our detailing services drastically raise the resale value of your car. Bring it in today and we’ll get it in sale-ready shape. Just a small investment can pay you back 10-fold.