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Makes and Models

We accept nearly all makes and models of Dodge pickups.

Features and Construction

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy Installation: No drilling required
  • Standard Bumper: Two post i-beam, upright construction
  • Forman Bumper: Two post, boxed upright construction
  • 1/4" Marine-Grade Aluminum: Flexible, has memory, wants to return to formed shape
  • Piping: Schedule 40 1.5" and 2", which is 6x the strength of tubing; piping blowout: 1800 PSI, tubing blowout 300 PSI
  • Fully Welded Boxed Mounting System: Extends to right and left ears ensuring the strongest mount
  • OEM Tow Hooks: Accommodated, along with any turbo cooling ducting
  • Light Weight: Aluminum fabricated grill guard weighs only 100 to 125 pounds


  • Finish: #8 polished mirror, black powder coat, brushed, or raw (no finish)
  • Company logo
  • Fog lights, running lights, or just holes
  • Clearance light holes or oval light holes
  • Light tabs
  • Winch receiver tubes
  • Expanded protection for center grill
  • Custom pipes
  • Headlight straps
  • Trip bar
  • Four-post design

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